Thursday, 28 April 2016

My Government Has Broken My Heart

I have volunteered, for free, and worked tirelessly for the first, best ten years of my retirement for my community. My Government has broken my heart. 

My committee and my council lobbied government for 10 years to replace Long Island's costly ferry service with the more economical, feasible for the province, causeway across Long Tickle. The previous government headed by Danny Williams took away our ferry alltogether and gave us a skeleton service from the Little Bay Islands ferry. In the meantime we asked for a better, enhanced ferry service, at least a trip up to 9:00 Pm every day, year round. The PC government refused. 

The Liberal MHA, first Alan Hawkins, then Brian Warr(the electoral boundaries/district changed during the campaigning period) both led the people of Long Island to believe that once they were elected in the 2015 election that conditions would improve for our community.

Now, our Town Council has informed us that Transportation Minister Alan Hawkins and MHA Brian Warr will be coming to Long Island in June to inform how our, already inadequate ferry service, will be cut further.

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