Saturday, 23 April 2016

Long Island Adult Dart League Closing Awards Dinner

Long Island Adult Dart League
Closing Awards Dinner

The Long Island dart League held their annual end of the season awards dinner on Saturday night. Recreation did its own catering, a delicious hot roast beef dinner. Many thanks to Louise, Mildred, their people who helped prepare and serve the dinner and to all the dart players who made for an enjoyable dinner and a fun and relaxing year of darts at the Recreation Center. The dart league would like to announce that they contributed the sum of $180.00 to the Janeway this season. The funds were raised by players putting a dime in a can for every time they scored 10 or less.

Team 1 Roxanne, Leslie, Courtney and Linda

Team 2 Maxine, Dawson, Maisie and Dianne

13.2 Carolyn and Dulcie


Harold's substitute and Woody 180

First Place Dianne, Dawson, Maisie and Maxine

Champs in the playoffs Maxine, Dawson, Dianne and Maisie

Dart plaques

Happy 40th Les and Mildred

Sharp shooter, Audrey Most bulls eyes 13

Team3 first attempt

Team 3 Audrey, Rick, Donetta. Missing Mary Lee

Team 4 Randy, Marilyn, Keith and Dulcie. Missing Frances

Team 5 Hedley, Louise, Clyde. missing Marion

Team 6 Betty and Aubrey Missing Genevieve and Brian

Team 7 Goldie, Rick, Maud and Woody

Team 8 Maxine, Janice and Carolyn Missing Harold

Louise, Town Clerk Jacqueline and Mildred Recreation Committee.

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