Thursday, 3 May 2012

 Ferry Schedule Change Could Spell Economic Disaster for Springdale and Area Business Community (A. K. A. the Day the Arse Fell Right Out of Her)

                                                             Ice free Long Tickle

Ice filled Long Tickle

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The business community of Springdale and area suffered a devastating blow today as the ferry  MV Hazel McIsaac could not make the usual runs to the ferry dock at Shoal Arm due to arctic ice. The ferry is doing the runs, as best she can, through the ice, from Long Island to Pilley's Island to Little Bay Islands and back to Pilley's Island again. The heads of the Board of Directors of the economic zone board for Green Bay, the Emerald Zone and the members of the Springdale Chamber of Commerce must be reeling at this economic crisis that will see residents of Little Bay Islands head on off to Grand Falls-Windsor (just an hour's drive from South Brook at the TCH) to do their shopping rather than drive the great distance (a 20-minute drive) to Springdale. This incomprehensible turn of events could spell economic disaster for the service industry of  Springdale and area, which include grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, garages, restaurants, not to mention the Bed and Breakfasts, that are frequented by the residents of that island community. Even the Provincial Government is being extremely cautious and has dubbed the ferry schedule put in place for the time being as an Ice Schedule not a Three-Point Schedule. This is in fear, I guess, that even suggesting a three point might cause this downward economic spiral for businesses of Springdale and area to hit an all-time low from which they may never recover.

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