Friday, 13 April 2012

Government's Failed Plan to Provide Ferry Service to Long Island

 Barbara ColbourneGovernment's Failed Plan to Provide Ferry Service to
                                       Long Island 

I have come to the conclusion that the 'politicians' could care less about either of our communities and the people that live there. I would dearly love to have every one of them stranded for a whole week here and no helicopter, lol. At present this , being stranded I mean, could very well happen to us soon, as the Arctic ice is in. I, just a few minutes ago, saw the ferry heading back to LBI escorted by an ice-breaker. Two hours behind schedule. This would not be happening if each island had its own ferry, as we did for almost 30 years. Last night we had people left on the other side away from home all night because the ferry was stuck in ice at LBI and couldn't make the last trip of the day. I'd like to see a road taken from a section of St. John's and see the hulabooloo that would follow that action. This abandonment and cruel treatment of the people in Rural NL, in particular those who live on the islands is despicable. They are whining and very outraged at how the Harper Government is treating NL but they are doing the exact same thing to us.

The ferry Hazel McIsaac is a joke, one of the biggest Newfie jokes ever. It's a Cadillac ferry for a five minute run across Long Tickle. They could have built two new smaller ferries for half the cost and shown some common sense. There has not been any common sense shown by this Government since they took office, at least not where Long Island is concerned. We had the best ferry possible in the small Island Joiner. For a small cost to replace the engine she would have provided an efficient, reliable service for Long Island for many years to come. Government gave her away for $77, 777. 77. I don't think they want that out there in the public. Another Newfie joke. Not only gave away our ferry, our transportation link, but have plunged us into this nightmare of a service, a shared ferry for LI and LBI that just does not work for us.

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