Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Elimination of a Community

The Elimination of a Community 

For at least 10 years the Long Island Council and Transportation Committee has lobbied Government to put back our hourly ferry service that we had with the MV Island Joiner (for 30 years); Just until the Causeway would be put in place. We have taken cut after cut. Brian Warr AND Al Hawkins promised that our service would be improved when they campaigned for the last election. Now we are to take another elimination of highway service. Government is cutting off our ability to get to our resident's Doctor's appointments, specialists appointments, banking services, supermarket services, garage, pharmacy and every other service that has been become the norm for us on Long Island in the Green Bay South Region.

Long Island Ferry Schedule as posted by the Department of transportation May 14, 2017
Daily Schedule
and Sunday
Pilley's Island
to Long Island
 Long Island
to Pilley's Island







 This is what is posted for  a daily schedule for Summer 2017
The trip off Long Island at 10;45 has been eliminated  
The Pilley's Island to LI  1;15 trip has been eliminated, you now have to wait until 3;45 PM.


  1. Hi Barbara, We were going to visit Long Island in July. was wondering about the 4;00pm departing Pilley's Island to Long Island trip but it says departing Long Island to Pilley's Island at 3;45 ? Thanks

  2. Yes, that's correct Aiden. She leaves Long Island at 3:45 and then comes back from Pilley's Island at 4:00 PM. It's only a 5-minute crossing. You may then get off at 6 PM or 8:30 PM, if you're not staying for the night.

    1. But she is already on the Pilley's Island side at 1:00pm when does she go back to Long Island to be able to leave Long Island again at 3:45pm??

    2. Looking at the times here, she comes to LI from PI at 11 AM and remains there until 1 PM.