Friday, 7 August 2015

                             Long Island Co-Op Heritage Center 
                    Receives Generous Donation from Spenser's Diner.

The wind gave a perfect flag flying day at the Heritage Center
Five beautiful booths have been installed at the Co-Op Heritage Tea Room.
In 2013 , the management at The Causeway Express, Pilley's Island, donated two booths to our Tea Room. They had plans to completely renovate and replace all their decor, at which time, they told me that we could have more of the booths if we needed them. The resturant has now completed it's renovations, is under its new owners and is renamed "Spenser's Diner." True to their word, they donated five beautiful, very valuable booths, to the Long Island Heritage Society, for our Tea Room. Thank you to the Causeway Express and Spenser's Diner for their generosity.

Spenser's Diner is like a second home to Long Islanders and is frequented by us. Whenever there is a ferry delay, and also on normal days,  you will find Long Island travellers having a dinner or a cup of tea at the Diner, a port in the storm, where everyone is always made to feel welcome.

Congratulations, Spenser's Diner, on your grand opening on Wednesday, Good Luck and all the best for the future. 

The Tea Room is open Wednesday to Sunday every week throughout the summer.
 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Heritage Treasurer, Pansy Rideout, made the arrangements to get the booths brought from Pilley's Island.

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